TEAM Family Resource Center

What is a Family Resource Center?

Children do better in school when families take part in their young children’s educational programs. The TEAM Family Resource Center offers you a place to obtain and share information and experiences about raising and educating your child. It’s a great place to meet other families, share experiences and work together to improve community schools.


Hours of Operation:   8:30 to 4:00

TEAM Family Resource Center
30 Elizabeth Street
Derby, CT 06418

Family Resource Center
Phone: (203) 736-5420 x208
Fax: (203) 736-5425

Are you wondering if the Family Resource Center can benefit you and your family?

  • Are you a parent, grandparent, or daycare provider, looking for something fun to do with your child(ren) or the child(ren) in your care?
  • Would you like talking with other moms, dads, or caregivers?
  • Are you are looking for a social experience for your child?
  • Are you looking to support your child’s school readiness?
  • Would you like to borrow a child’s book backpack containing a book, and toys/activities relating to that book, for you to use at home?
  • Would you just like to play with your child(ren) and sing a few songs?
  • Would you like to find out about other programs in town?


Programs and Services Offered:


Informational newsletter providing information on child development, health and safety tips, community programs, and center programs and activities.


TEAM’s Family Resource Center provides weekly playgroups for parents and children from ages ranging from birth up to age five. These small gatherings last for an hour with parents and their children getting together for play and interaction. Playgroups significantly help children develop social skills, gain independence, and build self- confidence. Best yet, they are of no cost to you!!


Questionnaires are provided for parents/guardians in order to understand their child’s current level of development, as well as what they can expect as their young child grows! TEAM’s Family Resource Center also offers DVDs, books, magazines, and informational pamphlets on child development, parenting concerns, health and safety, and prenatal/newborn care. Referrals may be ade to family support systems, such as preschools, childcare, early intervention, housing needs, WIC, food stamps, DSS, and various other services in the Valley and beyond.


Kinder Kamp

Kinder KampThis no-cost, week-long program is designed to prepare your child for the structure of a kindergarten day. Children follow the flow of a kindergarten day partaking in read-alouds, math, science, music and movement, and academic centers. Lunch is provided.

Zumba Fit Kids Club

Zumba Fit KidsThis no-cost program is designed to educate families on healthy eating tips, as well as cardiovascular activities. Children ages 5-8 attend once a week for four weeks. Each family receives a pedometer and tracking book to track their activity for the month.


Boot Camp Kids Club

This no-cost circuit program gives children ages 6-8 the opportunity to engage in running, jumping, basketball, stretching, jump rope, etc. at each station for a fixed time. Children attend once a week for four weeks. Each child receives a movement tracking sheet and a pledge to be a “Move It Kid.”

Summer Reading

children-summer-readingThis no-cost program engages students with interactive literacy instruction. Students read one book each week selected from the Governor’s reading list. Students then take part in a literacy talk followed by an activity related to the book. Events are held throughout the year for all family members to have some fun.


With topics identified and developed by participants, these no-cost information workshops and focus groups take place at elementary schools in Ansonia, Derby, Seymour, and Shelton throughout the school year. Childcare, dinner, and transportation are provided. These workshops focus on helping parents cope with healthy meal planning, stress, literacy, and positive discipline techniques. Family events like Raising Readers, Zumba, and Nutrition Lunch Bunch are enjoyable to all.