High Scores for Head Start


Written results arrived from the Office of Head Start’s CLASS Monitoring Assessment in which Federal monitors administered assessments throughout all of TEAM’s classrooms each day for an entire week. In the official monitoring review process, the CLASS Assessment analyzed 10 dimensions of teacher-child interactions/experiences rated on a 7-point scale (from low to high) and are organized into three domains:

  • Emotional Support (max. of 4 points)
    • Emotional Support captures how teachers help children develop positive relationships, enjoyment in learning, comfort in the classroom, and appropriate levels of independence.
  • Classroom Organization (max. of 3 points)
    • Classroom Organization focuses on how teachers manage the classroom to maximize learning and keep children engaged.
  • Instructional Support (max. of 2 points)
    • Instructional Support involves how teachers promote children’s thinking and problem solving, use feedback to deepen understanding, and help children develop more complex language skills.

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